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What's the Best Hot Tub for the Money?


If you’re in the market for a new hot tub, you’re probably wondering what’s the best hot tub for the money.  The price of hot tubs can be incredibly wide ranging.  This can have a lot to do with the hot tub’s size, style, features, accessories and more.  Comparing and choosing among all these various factors will play a large role in how much your hot tub will cost - as well the value you get for your money. To help you out when it comes to choosing a hot tub, we’ve created a buyer’s guide to give you an idea of what you should be looking for when making your decision.


As mentioned in the introduction, hot tubs can have a very wide range of pricing available.  However, like most things, you get what you pay for.  You can definitely buy a hot tub off the internet for a few hundred dollars.  But you’ll likely be left on your own when it comes to installation, maintenance, repairs, servicing and advice.  By visiting a hot tub dealer with a brick and mortar presence that you can actually visit, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to receive assistance with any problems, issues or questions that may arise.  Just because you’ll be paying a low price upfront doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be getting value for your money.

Dealer Reputation

An unfortunate result of hot tubs becoming so popular is there’s been an increase in the number of disreputable hot tub dealers.  The growth of internet commerce has only exacerbated this problem.  Many people who use online services end up buying a hot tub sight unseen and may receive a substandard or possibly dangerous product that doesn’t function in the way that it was advertised.  Do some research on the retailer you’re dealing with to ensure that they will deliver what’s been promised.  You might want to follow up on company reviews by contacting previous customers to find out their experiences.  Although many dealers may require an upfront deposit, unless you’re buying a custom-made hot tub, be careful about paying in full before the unit actually arrives.


Any reputable hot tub dealer will provide a warranty on a new hot tub purchase.  Check the warranty carefully before buying.  Some warranties may not actually be offered by the company you’re buying from.  This could create a hassle if anything does go wrong with your hot tub.  Your warranty should cover the shell, the plumbing as well as any extra equipment.  You’ll want to make sure the interior of the shell is covered against cracking and structural damage while the exterior is also covered against cracking along with delamination, blistering and fading.  Find out what’s excluded, any deductibles that will need to be paid and any pro-rated charges as the tub increases in age. 


Deciding on how big a hot tub you’ll need will affect how much it costs as well as how it’s used.  If you’re planning on exercising in your hot tub or having a lot of guests, you’ll obviously be wanting something on the larger side of the spectrum.  If it’s just you and your partner looking to relax after a hard day’s work, something smaller might suffice.  The capacity of your hot tub will also play a role in the type of seating that’s available.  Therapy seats with plenty of powerful massaging jets will cost more and take up more space than simple bench seating.  Similarly, full lounge seating will cut down on the amount of space available while increasing your costs.  The best way to determine the appropriate capacity for you is to wet test various models and actually see how they feel while being used.