Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, Service, and Maintenance

What to know before buying a hot tub


Before you start shopping for your new hot tub, you need to spend some time considering the best placement and ensuring it can be properly prepared for a hot tub. In order for a hot tub to run properly and safely you will need a firm, level area to place the hot tub upon. Often times a concrete pad or gravel pad 6 inches deep or more should suffice, but please discuss the specific requirements with your dealer as warranties may vary brand to brand.


Your new hot tub will need power. How much depends on the hot tub you purchase. Plug and play tubs are available and only require a standard wall plug to run. Often times they are also cheaper to buy, but they do have a down side. Plug and play hot tubs are usually only available in smaller sizes, then run a higher electricity bill as they need to work harder to build and preserve their heat. Finally, they also tend to have fewer jets and accessories common to their bigger brothers.

On the other hand, most hot tubs run on 220V, this requires that you have a dedicated electric line and GFI installed to run the hot tub. You will need an electrician for this and usually this runs around $1000. 220V hot tubs are very energy efficient and this initial spend will be recouped over time. Additionally, these tubs have a second heater to keep the water at temperature while you are soaking as opposed to only when the tub is not in use like their little 110V brothers.

Finding the right hot tub dealer

Buying a hot tub is a large investment and you want to ensure that your new hot tub or spa will bring you fun and relaxation for years to come. Find a dealer with a proven track record and good reviews, both for sales and for after care. You may need their help down the road. Also make sure the dealer you choose understands the products they sell. After all, you’re a smart consumer and have done your research, now you are visiting them to learn even more, and hopefully buy your dream hot tub. Most importantly, avoid purchasing your new hot tub at a traveling trade show. You need to ensure that whomever you buy your tub from will be accountable and available to you locally.

Wet test

Did you know we offer wet tests, and do you know what a wet test is? Simply put, we have a few of our more popular models filled up and ready to discreetly try in store. Bring your swimsuit and see if the fit is right.

Buying your hot tub

When you feel you have explored all the options and found your new dream spa, it’s time to purchase and install your hot tub. Prior to installing the hot tub you will need to have your place ready and electrical prepared. Once your new hot tub is up and running, the installers will take a few minutes to guide you through care and maintenance.

Are you looking for a hot tub? Contact us or visit us in store and we’d love to help you find that perfect hot tub you’ve been dreaming of.