Spa Complete™

Spa Complete™


3-in-1 Intensity Formula that:

  • Keeps water amazingly clear
  • Softens water
  • Keeps spa clean
  • Smells great with a touch of lavender and eucalyptus


Why: This will keep your water AMAZINGLY clear, soft and clean.

Contains soothing lavender and eucalyptus extracts and smells amazing.

Makes spa water feel amazing.


When:  For best results, add this product after a fresh fill. Prior to adding SpaGuard Spa Complete, perform a complete water analysis and adjust water balance and sanitizer levels as needed.

Soaking can begin 15 minutes after application


Pro-tip: Always get your water tested before applying any balancers, clarifiers, cleaners or softeners because it will save you chemicals, money and time spent incorrectly treating your spa!


Size: 2.07 liters

PHONE: (506) 384-4201

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Fax: (506) 855-6698


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