Mineraluxe Oxygen

Mineraluxe Oxygen


As part of the Mineraluxe System, Mineraluxe Oxygen is essential for proper maintenance of sanitizer levels. It also helps to oxidize (shock) wastes that accumulate in your spa over time and remove these wastes from your spa! This saves you both time and money spent on adding either chlorine or bromine to your spa.


How to Use: For the average sized spa, broadcast one pouch of Mineraluxe Oxygen weekly across the surface of the spa with the pump running; Leave the cover off the spa for a minimum of 15 minutes after applying Mineraluxe Oxygen

  • Removes all bather wastes, organic material and unwanted bacteria
  • Helps to clarify your water
  • Oxidizes or "shocks away" wastes
  • Works in a variety of different spas
  • Increases sanitizer levels (chlorine or bromine)


Pro Tip: Always start your weekly Mineraluxe maintenance with one Mineraluxe Cube, immediately followed by one package of Mineraluxe Oxygen!


Size: 12, 40 gram Packs

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