BioGuard SaltScapes® Sunshield® Stabilizer (2.75kg)

BioGuard SaltScapes® Sunshield® Stabilizer (2.75kg)

SKU: 6015

SaltScapes SunShield Stabilizer is like a sunscreen for your chlorine. When your pool is without stabilizer your chlorine dissipates at a quicker rate – essentially making you waste your money on more chlorine! Use SaltScapes SunShield Stabilizer to your pool to allow you to spend less time caring for it and more time enjoying it!  

How to Use: Apply recommended dosage directly into the deep end of your pool with the circulation system running.

  • Protects generated chlorine to last longer and work more efficiently
  • Test and use on a monthly basis or as needed
  • Reduces cell run time by protecting against UV rays
  • Works on all pool types and surfaces

Pro Tip: After a heavy rain apply a dosage of SaltScapes SunShield Stabilizer to your water to make sure that your CYA (stabilizer) levels are adequate for the sunny days that follow!

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