BioGuard Pool Tonic™ (946ml)

BioGuard Pool Tonic™ (946ml)

SKU: 4805

Pool Tonic uses a revolutionary blended technology to fix pool problems quickly. BioGuard Pool Tonic is a powerful pool problem solver that works very fast- often without scrubbing!

How to Use: Pour Pool Tonic directly into pool skimmer with the circulation system running. Keep the circulation system running for a minimum of 48 hours 

  • Eliminates cloudy, hazy or dull water
  • Removes phosphate and other common contaminants
  • Dual-action formula treats up to 90,000 ltrs
  • Great for all types of filters- sand, cartridge and D.E.
  • Use when your pool is at its worst to look great FAST

Pro Tip: Keep your pool sanitizer level 2-3 ppm consistently and clean your filter media when the pool is back to it's clear and sparkly self!

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