BioGuard Optimizer Plus® (9kg)

BioGuard Optimizer Plus® (9kg)

SKU: 4010

Optimizer Plus is a marvelous product that is both dynamic and useful! It enhances water clarity, increases chemical effectiveness and increase swimmer comfort by reducing eye irritation and skin irritation.

How to Use: Slowly pour the recommended dosage of Optimizer Plus into the skimmer with the pump running, let the pool circulate for at least two hours after applying

  • Enhances the performance of all BioGuard's pool maintenance programs

  • Increases swimmer comfort by reducing eye and skin irritation
  • Makes water feel softer
  • Makes water clear and sparkly
  • Increases the effectiveness and longevity of other chemicals
  • Environmentally safe
  • Works in both chlorine and bromine pools
  • Will not evapourate
  • Works in all pool sizes and types

Pro Tip: Did you know Optimizer Plus can save you money spent on balancers, chlorine and other chemicals too? Plus it makes your water feel splendid!

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