BioGuard Erase® (946ml)

BioGuard Erase® (946ml)

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Erase is BioGuard’s ultimate algae destruction tool used to combat a green pool. Erase harnesses the wonderful properties of copper sulfate to kill the algae to make your pool the sparkling blue that you are used to!

How to Use:

  • Vacuum pool and brush up all debris
  • Properly balance pool with both alkalinity and pH within ideal ranges
  • Pre-dissolve every 100 mL of Erase in at least four litres of water
  • Pour pre-dissolved dosage of Erase around the edges of your pool with the pump running
  • Leave the pump running and pool circulating for 24 hours
  • Re-apply if algae persists after 2-4 days
  • Uses copper sulfate as an effective agent to kill and control algae growth
  • Used to kill green, blue-green, and mustard algae growths
  • Can be used on all surface types
  • Should be pre-dissolved before use
  • Noticeable results in 24-48 hours

Pro Tip: Always chemically clean your filters using Filter Brite during and after fighting an algae problem!

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