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How to clean your hot tub filter

Clean water requires clean filters. Using dirty, clogged hot tub filters make it difficult to maintain clean water and can put unnecessary strain on your hot tub pump and your chemical bills.

When to check your hot tub filters

Hot tub and spa filters should be checked weekly. Your filter may look clean but it can often be coated in oils, soaps and lotions that clog and reduce water flow in your spa. This is especially true if you use your spa frequently. If there is not much visible debris, then usually, a quick rinse with a garden hose will be sufficient.

PRO TIP: Let the filter completely dry prior to re-inserting in your hot tub. This will help kill the remaining microbes.

When to deep clean your hot tub filter

A quick weekly rinse is a good practice, but depending on how much you use your hot tub a deep clean of your filter should be done monthly. If you only use your hot tub a few times each week then every two months should be ok.

PRO TIP: Buy a second filter and swap it out, then clean the used filter and save it for next time.

To deep clean the filter, we recommend using a professional hot tub filter cleaner. Using a professional cleaning solution instead of mixing your own, removes a lot of unnecessary work and uncertainty and guarantees you are only using products that are friendly to your filter cartridge. We recommend using FILTER BRITE.

To deep clean:

1 - Turn off your hot tub.

2 - Remove the filter.

3 - Rinse loose debris with a hose.

4 - Soak and clean in hot tub filter cleaner as directed.

5 - Allow filter to completely dry.

6 - Replace and turn on your spa.

When to replace your hot tub filter

Weekly rinses and regular deep cleans will help preserve your hot tub filter, while also maintaining the quality of your hot tub water. However, you will still have to replace your filter with a new one from time to time. We recommend annually, buying 2 new filters for the best water possible. After all, you’re worth it.

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