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Pool Service & Repair

Pool Service & Repair

Does your pool need repair? Did you notice that your pool liner is pierced or damaged?

At FunTime, our specialists have a vast experience in pool repair and liner replacement.  We are able to perform the following repairs:

  • Water leak detection
  • Detection of water leaks related to the fabric (with leak tract)
  • Detection of leaks related to plumbing and equipment (pressure test)
  • Repair of the fabric or pool by underwater diving if necessary
  • Sand replacement
  • Sale and installation of pump and filter
  • Sale and installation of saltwater system
  • Sale and installation of heat pump
  • Pool filtration system replacement

Liner Replacement

If your liner must be replaced, an estimate would need to be done to determine the cost prior too booking this service.

The liner replacement includes the following steps:

  • Agreeing to estimate, signing the contract and a deposit would be required prior to booking
  • Measurement of the size of the liner
  • Choice of the replacement liner by the owner
  • Pumping of water from the pool
  • Ensuring that the border, the skimmer and the bottom drain of the pool are in good condition
  • Repair the floor of the pool if necessary
  • Install the new liner
  • Coordinate the filling of the pool
  • Start the filtration system


The rates are $129 + tax for one technician and $169 + tax for two for the first hour.

Service calls include the first hour of on-site service as well as travel charges within the Greater Moncton area.
Whether one or two technicians are dispatched is at the discretion of FunTime.
For additional hour for one Service Technician is $109 + tax plus $40 + tax for a second Technician.
These prices apply from the time we arrive on-site until we leave.

Hourly jobs and jobs outside of Moncton/Dieppe/Riverview are subject to travel charges.
Travel is billed per kilometer based on the round trip kilometer distance from our office to your home as calculated by Google Maps.
The cost per kilometer varies depending on distance and crew size and ranges from $0.90 to $2.

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