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 It is the time to open your pool.


We offer a quality pool opening service that will meet your needs and expectations.

Piscines Funtime Pools & Hot Tubs

offers a professional pool opening service with a team of qualified technicians.



  • Above ground:  $169

  • Semi inground: $215

  • In ground:         $269




  • Hooking and evaluation of all plumbing and equipment,

  • Take out the plugs,

  • Installation of ladder or steps,

  • Start-up of the filtration system if possible.


If you wish to have further cleaning, this service can be provided by a different team. An estimate will be provided to you after an evaluation from the team manager. If this service is not asked for, it will be assumed that the pool maintenance will be done by the customer.




  • Opening kits: $59.99 (water balancing is not included during pool opening)

  • Clean cartridge filter (if not done at closing): $40

  • Install salt system and clean salt cell if needed (chemicals included): $30

  • Installation of solar blanket on the roll: $25

  • Remove and clean cover:

    • $99 for above ground

    • $149 for in ground

  • Pressure gauge: starting at $13.99

  • Sand replacement: $109 at opening or $279 regular time

  • Disposal of Sand: $40

  • Bags of sand: $25.99 (each)


**Additional cost of $25 is added for residents outside the Greater Moncton area.

It is essential that all the equipment and accessories required for the opening be taken out. (steps, ladders, solar cover, etc.) Any missing piece(s) of equipment that was not taken out in preparation for the opening, will result in additional charges if we need to return and install it.

It is essential that technicians have access to the backyard, water,  and electricity.


Pool opening request

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