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Pool Closing

Pool Closing

The water will be drained from the pool to the appropriate level (if needed for In-ground pool), the plumbing will be flushed and/or removed. The antifreeze will be placed in the bottom drain (if applicable). The Water care closing kit will be added. The Filters and pumps will be drained.

Plugs, Styrofoam, and gizmos will be installed as needed (Additional charges may apply).

  • In-ground pool Closing: $249* + tax
    • if reducing water level (an additional $50)
  • Semi in-ground or above Ground:
    • up to 13 X 25, or 21’: $159* + tax
    • bigger than 13 X 25, or 21’: $199* + tax

If requested, installation of the winter cover and/or leaf netting.

  • $95 for In-ground and Semi in ground with Water bags
  • $45 for Above Ground and Semi in ground no water bags

If you have a winter cover or leaf net and your water bags are damaged or leaking, our service technicians will replace as many as needed at a cost of $19.99 + tax each.

We are not responsible for returning to remove leaf nets prior to freezing.


  • Removing the steps ($25)
  • Draining and cleaning the salt system ($30) (cleaning products included)
  • Cleaning cartridge filters (in store) ($50) (cleaning products included)
  • Winterizing solar panel ($25 for the first one and $10 for each additional panel)
  • Watercare Closing kits (to be determined)
  • Tarp for heat pump ($19.99)
  • Antifreeze ($19.99) per unit of 4 liters

Does not include:

Clean leaves or debris from the pool

Vacuuming swimming pool

** Extra fees of 25$ apply to customers living outside the Greater Moncton Area**

Pool Closing

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