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Nirvana Heat Pumps

Energy Efficiency At Low Temperatures

NIRVANA heat pumps, ranked AHRI #1 for low-temperature efficiency, offer the lowest operating costs in the industry. The coefficient of energy performance (COP) measures their ability to extract energy from the air and transfer it to the pool water, and a high COP guarantees lower heating costs. 

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Nirvana PV/PVT, FC Series

Your New Heat Pumps

Nirvana’s FC series heat pump is specially designed to give you a smooth summer and/or year round perfect pool water temperature. Thanks to its Smart Fan technology, this heat pump adapts perfectly to your bathing preferences, whatever the outdoor conditions. 

The PV/PVT Series heat pump adjusts perfectly to your swimming preferences, regardless of the outdoor conditions. Enjoy complete tranquility in your backyard. The PV/PVT Series heat pump is by far the quietest in its class, with compressor covers and swept wing blades that efficiently reduce noise levels, ensuring a peaceful environment.

Nirvana NE Series

Your New Heat Pumps

Enjoy relaxing moments in your pool’s blue water, with the NE Series pool heat pump and heat-cool system’s active de-icing system and soundproofing!

It’s the perfect ally for extending your summer and enjoying your pool to the max. Thanks to its compact design, it can be installed discreetly, preserving the aesthetics of your yard. Its metal casing and insulated titanium heat exchanger make it exceptionally resistant, giving you peace of mind.