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How to Keep a Swim Spa Clean


If you have been considering options for a backyard pool but want something that is simple to clean and maintain, a swim spa is a perfect choice. Hydropool features the world’s only self-cleaning swim spa technology, which makes it a breeze to keep your water sanitary, clear and is way less work than keeping a backyard pool clean. So, how exactly does a self-cleaning swim spa work?

The Hydropool all-season pool and spa can completely clean 100% of the water every 15 minutes. It works by automatically removing the dirt and debris that accumulates on the water’s surface and sinks to the bottom. There are six steps to the self-cleaning process, which are as follows.


First, the water surface is skimmed to capture any oil or debris that is floating on the surface area of the swim spa.


After the skimmer, the pre-filter traps and removes large dirt particles before they can enter the spa’s heating systems or pumps.


The vacuum is the third step in the self-cleaning process. The built-in floor vacuum traps any dirt that has sunk to the bottom of the spa, moving into special vacuum holes that then trap the dirt in a pressurized micro-filter. Because of this feature, you will never have to vacuum your swim spa!


An ozonator is installed in Hydropool swim spas that help purify the water and reduce the number of chemicals that are needed to keep the water clean. In self-cleaning models, there is an ozone mixing chamber that delivers longer ozone exposure times in the water that creates a minimal amount of off-gassing and boosts the effectiveness.

Pressurized Filtration

The pressurized filtration system filters the debris that the floor vacuum and skimmer collect. It is located on the pressure side of the pump. The filter allows for 100% of the water in the swim spa to be filtered every 15 minutes and eliminates the need for 24-hour circulation pumps.

Chemical Feeder

The final step of the Hydropool self-cleaning system is the automatic chemical feeder that shocks the water before it returns to the spa, ensuring that it is sanitary and safe.

Now that you know how much easier a Hydropool self-cleaning swim spa is to maintain compared to a backyard pool, visit us in store to learn more.