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Hot-tub & Swim Spa Winterizing

Hot Tub & Swim Spa Winterizing

A well-closed Hot-Tub and Swim Spa will protect your investment. It needs to be closed adequately in order to avoid damages caused by frost. 

FunTime offers a professional Hot-Tub and Swim Spa closing service with a team of qualified technicians and the necessary equipment and products.

For BullFrog Spas, Hydropool Hot-tubs and Swim Spa Brands


1 pump - $299* + tax

2 pumps - $349* + tax

3 pumps - $399* + tax

Swim Spas

Aquasport - $449* + tax

Aquatrainer - $499* + tax

For any other Brand


1 pump - $349* + tax

2 pumps - $399* + tax

3 pumps - $449* + tax

Swim Spas

549* + tax

Weather permitting during winter months


  • Apply a pipe cleaner
  • Drain
  • Rinse
  • Wipe down acrylic surfaces
  • Remove the filter
  • Blow all the pipes
  • Blow the antifreeze in the pipes
  • Place foam block or plywood to reinforce the cover
  • Wrap the cover with a tarp


  • Antifreeze (19.99$ each)
  • Plywood or foam (FunTime can provide it at extra cost and it is reusable for any future winterizing)

Winterize is not a Clean-up. When it's filled up in spring, it is still possible to have dirty water.

FunTime uses an ecofriendly and safe Antifreeze. It is blown inside thru the pipes, so when it is filled up again, the rest of the antifreeze remaining in the pipes won't affect the water and is not hazardous.

*Includes the travel charges within the Greater Moncton area. Outside of Moncton/Dieppe/Riverview are subject to travel charges.
Travel is billed per kilometer based on the round trip kilometer distance from our office to your home as calculated by Google Maps.
The cost per kilometer varies depending on distance and crew size and ranges from $0.90 to $2

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