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Can a Swim Spa be Moved?


One of the best advantages of owning a swim spa over a traditional pool is that if you decide to move, your swim spa can come with you. But, like with other large items like pianos, swim spas do need special care when it comes to moving them. If not, since they are extremely heavy there is a chance that someone could be injured or that the shell of the spa could be cracked.  Here are the tips you need to know so that your swim spa can be moved without a hitch.

Communicate with Your Movers

You need to make sure that you provide your movers with accurate information about the make and model of your swim spa so that they can prepare. Your mover will need to review the size of your swim spa to determine if the shell or other components need to be removed to fit on the truck and what special tools may be required. As every swim spa is different, they must be provided with this information. Otherwise, they may not be prepared to move your 19ft spacious Aqua Trainer if they are assuming that it is a tiny swim-lane only model.

Drain and Clean

While it’s obvious that you cannot move a swim spa with water in it, you’ll want to make sure that it is properly drained and cleaned before it’s journey. Most swim spas will connect to a garden hose to slowly drain the water without flooding your yard. After it has been drained, follow your manufacturer's care instructions to perform a detailed cleaning and make sure that all excess water droplets have been removed.

Clear the Path

It is important to make sure that your swim spa can easily be transported from your backyard to the moving truck. Make sure that any obstacles are cleared and that you take accurate measurements to ensure there is enough space to move via a pathway, alleyway or from the side of your home. While hard to control, a dry sunny day is best for moving so that the ground isn’t wet, and the movers do not slip. If your pathway is unstable, lay down wooden slats for better stability.

Stay Clear

Although you may want to help, it is best to stay clear and let the professionals do their job. They have experience moving swim spas and other heavy items and know exactly what to do. Typically, the spa will be placed onto furniture dollies and secured then placed on a flatbed truck or trailer if your spa is very large. Your swim spa will be secured with tie downs and blankets to protect it during transport.

If you have been considering buying a swim spa but holding off since you may be moving in the future, no need to hesitate! Now that you know a swim spa can be moved, download a free buyer’s guide to learn more about their benefits.