BioGuard Smart PAK™ Large Kit (Large)

SKU: 1102

Crystal clear water in 3 easy steps! Once a week perform your 15 minute work week and you will enjoy clean and crystal clear water!

BioGuard Large Smart Pak Includes:

1.) 1 (6.75 kg) pail of Smart SilkGuard Sticks

2.) 8 (400 g) bags of Smart Shock

3.) 1 (946 mL) bottle of Banish

How to Use:

Once a week, depending on your pool size, you will add Smart SilkGuard Sticks into your skimmer basket (to maintain a 1-3 ppm chlorine level), then you’ll broadcast bags of Smart Shock across pool surface to eliminate wastes and contaminants, and lastly you’ll pour some Banish right into the pool water to prevent any algae from growing!

Pro Tip:

Always ensure you maintain a 1-3 ppm chlorine level, because most pool problems occur when there is a low chlorine level.

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